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Mrs Hinch influenced my life

I know I am not the only one that finds themselves watching Mrs Hinch's Instagram Stories. It is often the first thing I do in the morning or the last thing I do at night. It almost feels like you become her friend, you are getting an insight into her life, her home and her passions. The best thing of all is that she has influenced many of us, to grab our 'Gregory Gloves', 'Dave the Dusters' and of course our 'Minkeh's', then whiz around our homes and start Hinching.

Our Favourites

Of course we all have days, where we don't feel up to it, but I am sure that Mrs Hinch gets those days too but not only does Hinching leave our homes smelling and looking clean and fresh but it is therapeutic and it lets us forget about our worries for a single moment. Taking a look at Mrs Hinch's favourite products in her book, here are some of my favourites:


Minky m cloth

A perfect companion for any job around the house, this general-purpose pad with different sides, will help you wipe, clean or scrub a surface. Buy your Limited Edition 3pk here.

Scrub Daddy

This is my newly discovered Love, I don't know why I didn't purchase one sooner. When it is dry, it is firm and perfect for scrubbing and when it is wet, it is a lot softer but it is the perfect combination when cleaning your kitchen, pvc or your bathroom. Don't forget to grab yours now.

Cleaning Products

Cif Perfect Finish Stainless Steel Cleaner

Removing unwanted dirt and grease to leave your hob and sink looking shiny and polished. Find this in your supermarket.


This has been a product in my household for many years and has many different uses. I like to use it to wipe down household surfaces, or clean out my rabbits hutch. It is a concentrated disinfectant that kills 99.9% of bacteria, eliminates odours and freshens up your house. Simply dilute a capful with water and away you go. Take a look at the product and their uses here.

Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster

Perfect to use in your bathroom to wipe down tiles and grout or gently wipe aware any light mould. Use it regularly to prevent the return of mould, you will find this in your supermarkets or bargain stores.

Fabric Refresher

Spray on bedding, clothing, carpets, and curtains to leave a fresher smell for longer. Make sure you always read the bottle and use it on the correct materials. You will find this in your supermarkets or bargain stores.

1001 Carpet Fresh Thai Orchid & Passion Fruit

This is by far one of my favourite smelling products. Spray onto your carpet and let it snow all year round. The best thing of all is that you do not need to hoover it up. Find it in your supermarkets.

Febreze Thai Orchid

A perfect combination to the Carpet Fresh, use both before you go to bed or before you leave the house to be greeted by a lovely smelling home. Many scents available, so find the one that's perfect for you.


Lenor Gold Orchid

This is a new smell in our house and it pairs perfectly with the Lavish Unstoppables. It leaves your washing smelling amazing for longer, and it is my personal favourite laundry product so far. Find it in your supermarket or bargain store.

Unstoppables Lavish

Pair them with the Lenor Gold Orchid for the best smelling laundry. Unstoppables add an extra boosted scent into your washing. Find them in your local shops today.

There are so many cleaning products out there, simply try them out and see if they are the right ones for you. Start with a couple of my suggestions and build 'your narnia'. Become a Hincher and join the Hinch Army.

O x

This blog is in no way sponsored by any brand mentioned and I will not be liable for any damage caused. Use these products at your own risk, always read labels before use. Quoted vocabulary are words used by Mrs Hinch.

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