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Jesy Nelson: 'Odd One Out'

My thoughts on Jesy Nelson's documentary on BBC iplayer now

Having recently watched, Jesy Nelson: 'Odd One Out', there is so much to learn. Jesy from Little Mix, reveals how her cyber-bullies have made her feel, since appearing on The X Factor. Technology and social media has become a big part of our lives and you don't realise how it can affect some people. Whether you are in or out of the spotlight, trolls will target anyone. Not only does Jesy share her personal experience, but she finds others willing to tell their stories.

This documentary is an eye-opener and inspiration for anyone who is going through or has gone through similar experiences. Any form of bullying can have a huge impact on your life and mental health but you may not always realise how much a person is going through.

Anti-bullying and staying safe online is starting to be enforced in schools but how much do children really know? 7 in 10 young people have experienced cyber-bullying (Ditch the Label Survey 2019). It is important that you speak up, seek help. You are not alone and as Jesy says, 'there is light at the end of the tunnel'.

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