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How to Public Speak

How to public speak - TheLifeofO
How to Public Speak

Public speaking is a weakness that a lot of people hold. Knowing your weaknesses can be both positive and negative. What are you doing to turn your weakness into a positive?

Public speaking is not just my weakness, but it is a fear. My first experience of public speaking was in front of 350 students. I thought I was doing well at projecting my voice, but nerves got the better of me and only the front few rows could hear me. Since then, I have been working on bettering my public speaking skills, here are 4 tips that I like to remind myself:

Be Prepared

Prepare a presentation, no matter the size of the crowd. This could be a presentation, a power point, a speech or a demonstration. Prepare for what is coming your way.


Practice your presentation in front of family, friends or in the mirror.


It is time to show the audience what you are made of. Remember to make eye contact and the words will start to flow. Have a notes sheet with you in case you get stuck knowing what to say.

Have Fun

Enjoy the moment, and have fun with your audience. A public speech doesn't always need to be serious. Think of your speech as a discussion and inform the audience.

What is your weakness?

Share your thoughts and experiences with me.

O x

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