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How to Make a Strategic Marketing Plan

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

How to Make a Strategic Marketing Plan

Making a strategic marketing plan is an important way to measure and boost your companies success. However, you may often think about the factors to include in your marketing plan.

Start by making a mind map of your ideas: what you are thinking, how that benefits the company, what platforms need to be used, and most importantly - why are you doing it? Once you have this outlined, you are set to start your campaign plan. To make this plan full and ensure that it is a success within your team and with your audience, I have created a layout for you to start with…


This marketing plan can then help you layout and present any idea, campaign or promotion to inform all participants with the plan of action. Make sure to include everything that you would like to be actioned.

If you are short for time, or you are looking for a basic starting point, then this plan is for you. However, if you are looking to create a fixed-term plan for a week, month or year, then try using a spreadsheet for your marketing ideas, activities and promotions.

If you are looking for a template in this style, drop me an email today so I can assist you in creating the right plan for you.

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