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Ebook review: The best 10 low cost home business plans

Are you looking to start a business?

Do you find yourself stuck on where to start?

Do you wish there was something with a range of ideas to get you started?

If you have answered yes to all of the questions above, then I have found the perfect ebook for you. If you are looking to kickstart a new career adventure from the comfort of your own home, then this new ebook, 'The best 10 low cost home business plans' and the two bonus items are for you.

The overall ebook

You will discover ways to decide on a business idea, with a look into your background, training, education, and experience. This ebook allows you to follow each unique chapter to help you reveal your personal business plan.

One of the most beneficial chapters is about looking at the legal aspects and the questions that you should ask yourself before getting started. Take a look at the useful examples throughout to help you understand certain concepts and apply them to your business in the correct way.

In each chapter, you will find a new low cost profitable business idea from cv specialist to a dog walker, wedding planner to window cleaner. It doesn't matter if you have business management experience, this ebook is here to help many people reach their goals. Each business idea breakdown includes questions and answers that you may find yourself thinking about. This includes the benefits of you starting that particular business, the steps you need to take to get seen, why that service demand is needed, the research that you should carry out and of course the potential income that the business may make.

Each business plan has been thought about carefully and can help you start your home business. With 10 ideas and a large breakdown of what they entail, this ebook has saved you time in your business planning process.


The most important factor of any business is marketing and in chapter 12 of this ebook, you will find 16 pages on social media marketing and website design. Marketing to your audience and getting your name in front of them will grow your business and get new customers. Read about the range of platforms and decide which suits your business. Remember that not all platforms are ideal for everyone. At the end of the ebook, you will find a range of website links that may be useful to you.

Are you looking to start a small business from home? Then I recommend this ebook for you to get started.

Bonus items

The bonus ebook '50 tried and tested hacks to help you grow your online business' can turn an ok business into a great one. Get all the top marketing tips that are easy to follow all in one place. The contents of this ebook include tips for price offers, partnerships, packages, coupons, and loyalty cards, blogging help, split testing and so much more.

This ebook will help you continuously grow and develop your business, getting in front of your customers in the right place at the right time. I believe that these ebooks together can help any business take off and help future development.

You will also get a 'Personal and Business Cashflow Spreadsheet',

Buy now

By purchasing the ebook by Gerri Spiers 'The best 10 low cost home business plans', you get two bonus items. A 'Personal and Business Cashflow Spreadsheet' and another ebook, '50 tried and tested hacks to help you grow your online business'.

Purchase this package for only £27.99.

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