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5 Things I Love About Autumn

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

5 Things I Love About Autumn - TheLifeOfO
5 Things I Love About Autumn

Out of all seasons, Autumn is starting to become one of my favourites. I used to love summer but Autumn is pretty and there is so much to see and do.

Dressing up Warm

It’s time to take out the jumpers, and the boots. Some days may also be the day for a coat and a hat/scarf, this weekend definitely was one for all of those.


From pumpkin picking to dressing up, Hallowe’en is the one for everyone to enjoy. I had never been pumpkin picking until this year and it is such a nice experience to take a walk around the field and find the pumpkin that is right for you. Then you have your chance to get creative, with a pumpkin or a costume, everyone can be unique and do what they wish to do.

Beautiful Colours

The beautiful scenery and colours that surround us, is a reminder of what we forget to see all year round. Watching nature do its thing, change colour and make the perfect picture.

Cosying up Inside

Hot drinks and blankets in-front of the TV to sit back, relax and watch a new series. I’m not one who drinks tea or coffee but a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows is right down my street. And best of all, it is time for lots of cuddles.

Christmas is Coming

One step closer to the festive season; that I am extremely excited for this year. The season of love, joy and laughter. Once autumn ends, there is a month to go before Christmas but who says you can’t start preparing in Autumn?

What do you love and admire about Autumn?

O x

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