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4 Tips on How to Ace Your Job Interview

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Job interview - Handshake
Job interview - Handshake

Going to interviews can be very nerve-wracking. It is a new change, although change is often a good thing, it is also a very new and different experience. But to get to where you want to be, you need to step out of your comfort zone and into you confident interview shoes. Here are four tips to ace that job interview that you have been dreaming of.

Be Prepared

Not only does this mean to do your research and be on time, but to also be prepared to give examples of work that you have been working on and how you will adapt it to fit into your new role.

Know your answers to common questions and prepare your own. Be the interviewee and the interviewer, and find out if this company is right for you.

Well Presented

Presentation is key, so present yourself in a way to 'WOW' your interviewers. Dress well, present you, your skill set and your personality with confidence.

Make Notes

Carry prepared notes with you to give you hints and reminders on which topics to discuss. But take notes whilst being fed more information to show that you are interested and wanting to know more about the company, the people and the role that you applied for.

End Well

Ask about the next steps, anything else you can provide them with and find out when you will receive a response.

Give a confident handshake on arrival and as you leave, show a smile and wait for that call.

Are you confident that the interview went well? Send the employers a follow-up email, thanking them for their time. Let them know, that you will provide more information upon request.

If you have waited a reasonable amount of time or the employers have missed their deadline to contact you, this is when it is acceptable to contact them. Send them an email to ask if they have made a decision on the next stages and wait for a response.

I wish you a successful interview and look forward to hearing about it in the comments section below.

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